Dutch regulators find Apple’s payment rules for App Store are anti-competitive

According to an exclusive Reuters report, a Dutch regulatory committee has judged Apple’s App Store and in-app purchasing regulations to be anti-competitive and has already requested Apple to amend them. “Four persons acquainted with the matter,” according to Reuters sources.

When there was evidence to think “Apple’s conduct amounted to an abuse of a dominating market position,” the Dutch investigation began in 2019. Since then, the focus has narrowed to primarily dating apps. Match Group, the firm behind major dating apps like OK Cupid, Tinder, and Match.com, filed a complaint as part of the investigation.

Dutch regulators find Apple
Dutch regulators find Apple

Apple has maintained that the App Store’s payment system restrictions are designed to keep users’ financial information secure and private when they use the App Store. The payment system also presumably maintains a similar App Store experience across apps. Both developers and governments around the world have claimed in recent years that Apple’s market dominance has given it an unfair advantage.

When clients use Apple’s payment system, Apple charges developers between 15% and 30% commission on all in-app transactions, including recurring subscription fees.If apps want to be featured on the App Store and there are no other app stores, the system is a must for receiving money.

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