Xiaomi 12 Mini Featured in an Alleged Mockup; Meet this Unique Compact Android Flagship

Among the many flagship phones released this year, the Xiaomi 12 stands out. The reason for this is that its dimensions have shrunk from the previous generation, making it a more compact device. Xiaomi is releasing an even smaller phone, the Xiaomi 12 Mini, soon, so it must have been a popular choice.

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Xiaomi isn’t the first company to release a small flagship phone. At least two iPhone Minis have been released by Apple. The Chinese phone maker directly contrasted the dimensions of its flagship with the iPhone 13 at the official launch event for the Xiaomi 12. The Xiaomi 12 Mini, on the other hand, takes such analogies to the next level. Xiaomi has yet to tease or formally introduce the Xiaomi 12 Mini.

Xiaomi 12 Mini Featured in an Alleged Mockup
Xiaomi 12 Mini Featured in an Alleged Mockup

However, a product mockup of the forthcoming Mini-phone was released by the rumor mill. @Shadow Leak, a Twitter user, posted a claimed image based on a prototype. Unlike the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12X, which have 6.28″ displays, the Xiaomi 12 Mini is said to have a 5.4″ display.

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While the Xiaomi small new model’s diminutive form factor is already uncommon, under 6″ screens are nearly unheard of in the Android industry these days. The claimed mockup differs from the other Xiaomi 12 phones in terms of design.

There are accents on its triple-lens camera, but no camera bump. We could be looking at a scam or an early prototype because this design is so strange.

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