Samsung Galaxy Z Slide with Slideable Screen Revealed; Here is your First Official Look

The rise of folding smartphones has been heralded as the future of display technology due to their capacity to turn into tablets. Samsung has announced the next generation of its revolutionary displays, as foldable devices become increasingly common. A sliding and scrolling screen that quickly converts into a tablet.

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Samsung’s new slideable display technology was demonstrated in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Z Slide, according to Ross Young, CEO of DSCC. He also uploaded images from the 2022 DSCC Business Conference.

Samsung Galaxy Z
Samsung Galaxy Z 

The new technology, known as a vertical slide-out display, is excellent for smartphones that are small enough to carry in one’s pocket, according to the South Korean tech giant. However, if you wish to increase the display’s real estate, you can extend the top surface.

When scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or articles online, the Samsung Galaxy New model’s 22:9 aspect ratio allows consumers to see more content on their screens. They can also be more productive because they can see more stuff at a glance.

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Another benefit of this new technology is that it allows users to carry a 6.7-inch display in their pockets that is slimmer than regular smartphones.

Young believes that the new technology will be ready for large manufacturers in the next few years. However, because the Galaxy Z Slide does not fit into the company’s Z Flip or Z Fold lines, it is unclear whether a new Galaxy Z Slide model will be released.

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