Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Last-minute Promo Leak; Special Edition Snapdragon Chip Confirmed

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is quickly approaching. The S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra will make their debut throughout the entire world at tomorrow’s Unpacked event. Promo photographs have revealed the long-rumored and undoubtedly most interesting feature of the series: the special edition Snapdragon SoC designed only for the upcoming Samsung phones.

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Everyone is now familiar with the conflict between Samsung’s Exynos and Snapdragon processors. Exynos-powered flagship models typically fall short when compared to Snapdragon-powered alternatives. It was past time for Samsung to address the long-reported problem.

Samsung has declared the whole S23 lineup Snapdragon exclusive in order to address the problem. Exynos variations are not an option. Additionally, the chain is enhancing the performance of such Snapdragon CPUs. Previous reports are supported by leaked photographs that tipper @rquandt posted on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S23

In the bottom right corner of the photos, there is an icon for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that is labeled “For Galaxy” in black. It’s a strong indication that Samsung is integrating a special edition of SD 8 Gen 2 into its most recent 5G mobile phones. According to reports, it has clock speeds of 3.36GHz compared to 3.1GHz for the ordinary version.

According to reports, Qualcomm Inc., which is now introducing a faster and more specialized version of its flagship SoC, has a contract with Samsung. The partnership will definitely include mid-range devices, hopefully putting a stop to regionally distinct Galaxy phone performance.

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More GPU and CPU clocks are flexed by the new and enhanced SoC in Galaxy phones than by any other Android phone on the market. The S23 lineup has undergone significant evolution and will likely have the highest prices ever. The entry-level Ultra model is expected to cost more than 1500 dollars, up from 1100 dollars last year. The other S23 children will do the same.

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