OPPO Reno 7 Series is Soon Debuting Globally; Oppo’s Slimmest, Most Premium Reno Phones Yet

In December of last year, Oppo released the Reno 7 series, the most recent generation of the Reno line. It was first offered as a China-only product. However, the series is set to make its global debut in the near future, with top Oppo phone prices. The features have been hinted on official channels, and a date for the debut event has been set.

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The OPPO Reno 7, Reno 7 SE, and Reno 7 Pro are all part of the New Reno series. We anticipate seeing all three versions during the launch on February 4th. The Reno 7 phones will be available in India first. From there, you can go to different markets.

OPPO Reno 7 Series
OPPO Reno 7 Series 

The design of the new Reno series is once again a major standout. The famous ‘Reno Glow’ look is back, but with a new twist. A mix of matte and glossy textures are used to polish the AG glass. To generate the tiny textures, Oppo used powerful laser etching equipment (usually reserved for printing circuit boards). As a result, they appear to be a long-exposure starry trail. Furthermore, the etchings make the casing fingerprint-proof.

The Reno 7 series is also the brand’s slimmest yet. With a thickness of 7.45mm, the OPPO Reno 7 Pro is easy to hold. The flat, crisp aluminium frame has a fashionable appearance and helps to the reduced weight of 180g.

OPPO Reno 7  Most Premium Reno Phones Yet

The most noticeable design alteration, though, is on the front. The bezel has been pushed back by Oppo. On the Reno 7 Pro, it significantly decreases the chin. Not to mention, make the weight of the bezel nearly even and uniform all the way around. Elegant Blue, Black, and Rose Gold colors are available.

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Oppo claims portrait photography that is on par with the best in the industry. Support for 5G is already available across the board, thanks to MediaTek and Qualcomm CPUs. When these phones are released outside of China, the chipsets are frequently changed. At the February 4 event, we’ll discover more.

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