Caviar encases a PS5, iPad mini, AirPods Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro in solid gold, offers a cheaper gold-plated version

For thousands of years, gold has been a prestige symbol, and it is still a popular choice today. Caviar is one of the few companies that offers items other than gold watches and earrings, such as gold gaming consoles and gold headphones.

The latest collection, dubbed “Prime,” contains the PlayStation 5 as well as Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad mini (2021), and AirPods Max. They come in “gold” and “gold-plated” versions, with significant variances in the amount of gold utilised and, of course, the price. The PlayStation 5 Gold is encased in solid 18K yellow gold and features an intricate ornamental pattern similar to the other Prime line goods.

The gold-decorated DualSense controller is covered in genuine lather. Caviar also created a one-of-a-kind ebony wood stand. Only 5 units will be produced, and each one will set you back a bit more than $350,000.
The PlayStation 5 Goldplated version is only $12,750, which is pennies on the dollar compared to the one above. This one has a 24K gold coating on the outside. The leather-covered controller and ebony stand are still included. This one will be created in 99 pieces. Solid 18K yellow gold is used for the Apple AirPods Max Gold, as well as genuine crocodile skin for the ear pads. Only 9 units will be produced at a cost of $68,000 apiece.

Caviar's PlayStation 5 Gold
Caviar’s PlayStation 5 Gold

Solid 18K yellow gold is used for the Apple AirPods Max Gold, as well as genuine crocodile skin for the ear pads. Only 9 units will be produced at a cost of $68,000 apiece. For the more casual buyer, there is a gold-plated variant – 99 pieces will be created, and they will cost less than a tenth of the other version, “only” $5,910. The iPad mini’s blazing fast Apple A15 CPU is complemented by a glittering 18K solid yellow gold casing. Caviar has four 4 mm diamonds inserted in it for added wow factor. Only 6 will be constructed, with prices starting at $84,920.

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