Apple iPhone SE 4 Reported to Showcase a New Form-factor and Increased Screen Size

Apple Inc. normally releases the iPhone SE in the first quarter of the year, shortly after the launch of its flagship series. According to rumors, the fourth generation of the iPhone SE is now under development, and important information regarding its design factor has leaked ahead of its release.

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The anticipated screen size of the iPhone SE 4 is reported by Ross Young of DSCC. He predicts that the SE 4 will have a 6.1-inch display with a notched screen. The display statistics indicate a refreshed iPhone X as the next-generation SE because the SE series has a history of updating the earlier iPhone designs with more high-end hardware.

Apple iPhone SE 4

It is yet unknown if the forthcoming iPhone model would include Face ID and a true-depth camera. Historically, SE phones have all included touch ID functionality. According to several reports, Apple will continue to use Touch ID with the next SE as well.

Since there won’t be much room for a capacitive touch ID on the front array spanning from corner to corner, it is more likely that the brand will switch the iPhone 8’s form factor with that of the iPhone X. As a result, the touch ID will most likely move from the home button to the side.

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It appears that the iPhone SE 4 will resemble the iPhone X, which debuted five years ago, due to Apple utilizing the design of earlier iPhone models for the SE series phone. However, that is merely a matter of appearance. The SEs continue the company’s reputation of boasting the newest processor and internals in terms of performance.

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