Apple iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite Can Save Lives; Here’s how it works

A unique feature of the iPhone 14 range, including the iPhone 14 Pros, is emergency SOS via satellite. Even when cellular signals are lost, the feature enables users to send SOS SMS. The company’s goal is to give customers the assurance that assistance is accessible even in the most remote areas of the globe. Here is a brief explanation of how this life-saving feature functions.

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People who enjoy travelling frequently find themselves stranded, whether as a result of a traffic accident, becoming lost in the wilderness, or a hiking trip that went awry. Situations like these have frequently turned out to be fatal because there is no means to call for aid and there is no network connectivity.

Apple iPhone 14's
Apple iPhone 14’s

Using Apple’s iPhone 14, the user can send a brief SOS text message with location information to neighbouring rescue services in the aforementioned circumstances. Three texting options are now available in the iMessage app: internet, SIM, and satellite-based Emergency SOS. When the user selects the third option, a menu with five options for declaring an emergency will appear.

You can select a fire, crime, lost or trapped person, injury, or vehicle issue. The new iPhone 14 model will have an easy-to-use graphical user interface if you follow the directions. The user will receive instructions on how to orient the iPhone for a successful satellite handshake. To function, it needs an unobstructed view of the sky.

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The message will be transmitted straight from the satellite to emergency services or through an Apple relay centre. The circumstances, the amount of battery life left in the phone, and its location might all be included in the notice. If the user changes locations, the corporation can keep the rescuers coordinated.

It may take some time for the texts delivered through satellite to be read, so Apple advises keeping them brief. In November, the service will go live online. It will initially only be accessible in the US and Canada. After two years, there will be some fees for each user to continue using this service on their iPhone.

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